~ welcome to 2002 ~

01 January 2002

HAPPY NEW YEAR! i can smell it that this year would be a good year… *sniff sniff*.

how’s your new year? we were going to go to Times Square to watch the BallDrop, but got lazy after realizing how cold it is outside and watch how tight the security is. brrr… so instead, we played cards at home… just like how we usually spent the new year when i was back home. sounds boring, eh? ;P

ari and i also updated the Condiments with a new skin and did some tweaking to the interface. we now have a Winamp Skin section. can we say woohoo? so, for those of you who use Winamp 2.+, go download and let me know what you think about it. it’s my first winamp skin, so it might be a bit off here and there.

later that day: oops, the winamp skin was a bit messed up. i downloaded it, and the text and some of the windows weren’t working. but don’t worry, it’s all fixed now. so, if you downloaded it before 4:45PM EST, could you please re-download it again to get the fixed version? thank you… :)