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20 March 2002

it’s the first day of spring! *hurrah*… my new season resolution is to post more on this site. my effort to update this journal/blog this month has been quite pathetic. i think having friends who write well and are articulated actually makes me feel inhibited. whenever i tried to write an entry, it took me almost one hour to compose a paragraph… which i would delete anyway because it either doesn’t sound right or isn’t very entertaining. and i end up not doing anything at all.

before i started to have online journal, i jotted down my daily activities on my paper diary. this has been my habit since i was on the third grade, after getting a thick journaling book as a gift from my aunt. i’ve collected more than 12 thick journal and more than 10 thin ones that sorta records my own history… until i started the online journal. i have practically stopped writing the paper version.

i have never been very good with words, even in Indonesian. most of the papers i wrote in college never graded above C, so i know i will never become a decent writer. the idea behind the diary thing is simply to read it when i’m in a nostagic mood. but, if the inhibition stops me from recording my days, i won’t be able to go back and being nostalgic. so, out of my selfishness, today i’ve decided to screw the entertainment part and just do this for myself and my own amusement. i’ll post more often and tell as many stories i can think of, whether it is entertaining or not. yep.

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