~ daffodils + xbox in the office ~

21 March 2002

it’s Jane’s birthday today. wish her a happy birthday, send virtual cards, or just send comments about her paintings.

it’s a good day. the morning started out with me finding 2 daffodils on my desk at work. turned out that it was jane giving daffodils to everyone in the office as a reminder that spring as arrived.

later that day, the Xbox for the office arrived… yay! i don’t have an Xbox and i was so bummed that the second generation of my favorite video game, Jet Set Radio, only came out in Xbox. but now that Bolt has the console, i can at least play it once a day! wooohooo!

the day ends with a bolt party at the upstairs of Novecento with Indiana beat Duke 73-72. as a non-basketball fan, the match was very interesting to watch. maybe because i was quite wasted that night.