~ back from Okemo ~

19 March 2002

uhm, we’ve been back for two days, but i haven’t posted anything at all. sorry. but today, i got all the photos from the trip up on the site. whew.

despite the bad weather — first day was melting snow and rain, second day was all ice — we were much better at boarding compare to the last month trip. i could glide longer than 15 seconds without falling. we even went to the top of the mountain on the second day of the trip.

the first day, we were boarding at Okemo. the beginners (ari, i and mike) stayed in the lower mountain. by the end of the day, it took us 10 minutes to get down to the bottom of the slope, which was much better than the last month: 2 hours to get to the bottom. the weather was so warm that the snow was almost melting. although it was harder to turn, the snow condition was quite friendly for us beginners… great cushion to fall on. too bad the day ended with rain.

unlike the first day, the second day we travelled 2 hours up north to Stowe; it was raining in Okemo. the weather was so cold that the parking lot was covered with ice. this time the beginner bunch (ari, i and shannon) decided to go all the way to the highest mountain, and trailing down the green… well, the snow and weather condition was far from friendly. it was foggy, the wind was piercing, and the ground was barely covered with snow. it was all iced. we made it down to the bottom of the mountain in 3 hours… all beaten up. my legs were shaking from working too hard, my arms were so sore from pushing myself off the ground countless of time, my hip and kneews were black and blue from hitting the ice… but i was extremelly happy and ecstatic that i can tell people that i have been to the top of the mountain and made it all the way down! yay!