~ melaka 2015 ~

15 March 2015
this entry is written by Aina! it’s her first contribution to Expiration Date, as an effort to preserve her memory. and the entry is unedited, copied straight from her notebook, so pardon the spelling and grammar mistakes… and some of the sentences don’t make sense XD. this writing is finished on 1 May 2015.

Luxury Coach is a very nice and comfortable bus. There is a cupboard that when you open it, you can pull out a table. Oh yes! Silly me, I’ve forgot to tell you where I was going. Hee hee. I was going to… Melaka! Wich is in Malaysia.

Anyway as I was saying about the bus… the seats of the bus can really lean back. And there was a TV.

Melaka Trip 2015

Then once I arrived at the hotel, we did not go to our rooms yet. We wallk around the neighbourhood first. Then, we ate Chicken Rice. But the rice of the Chicken Rice can in ball shape. Then my mom told me that in Melaka all Chicken Rice is like that.

Melaka Trip 2015

After we ate, we go back to our hotel. The hotel was really nice and comfy. And I really like my room. But there was one thing that was annoying… There was a very big window right in front of the bathroom. So when you’re like pooping or taking a bath, you better close the window. But that’s the first problem. The bed was in front of the window! And the balcony, too!

Melaka Trip 2015
Melaka Trip 2015
Melaka Trip 2015

Okay, know for the good things. First, the bed was so comfortable. And there as a room, well kind of a room. The room was a place for your siutcase and shoes. I was kind of sad :’( because I only stay there for about 3 days.

The 1st day, the morning and during the day, I was still okay. But 1st day night, I had heatstroak, because it was really hot.

The 2nd morning, I was feeling a little tired and don’t want to walk . My mother took me for a looooooong walk. After a while, I didn’t feel so tired. My mom was very pleased. Then, she told me to drink more water. I drank almost three bottles! The 2nd day afternoon, we went to a night market. And I bought 2 keychains, one for Francesca, my beeeeeeest friend, and 1 for me. Well, of course if Francesca is reading this of course she knows.

Melaka Trip 2015

Ok anyway, where was I? Oh yes! Then we walked really far. Then, we stoped at a mini cafe. And I started writing this story.

Melaka Trip 2015
Melaka Trip 2015

The 3rd day I was veeeeeery sad because I had so much fun here. Then my mom cheered me up. And I did not feell so sad.

The trip photos are in Flickr Album: Melaka 2015.

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Aaahh, baru baca ini nih tulisan pertama Aina! Hi, little blogger! :p

Ternyata anak-anak gak suka yah ada jendela gede di kamar mandi & di depan kasur, padahal kan enak angin sepoi-sepoi + view yang oke banget. Ihihihhiii… She’ll enjoy it someday.

Good job, Aina! :D

Ummu umar | 10 June 2015 - 11:55 | reply

hihihi, berhubung anaknya udah mulai nulis, dan ibunya sedang short-attention-span ampe blog dianggurin lama banget, si anak aja deh yang disuruh nulis XD

iya, dia ngerasa gampang diintip. padahal siapa juga yang mau ngintip dia, hahaha.

thalia | 11 June 2015 - 07:07 | reply