~ 7 years old… ~

16 June 2014

aina 7 years collage

7th year milestones:

  • lost most of her front baby teeth, and being replaced with the permanent teeth.
  • this year was the first time ari had to go away for a business trip more than a day. she cried at the airport during the farewell.
  • this is also the year where she had to spend a few days without me. i had to fly to jakarta to see my dad who was in the hospital, and aina stayed at home with ari for three days. a lot of crying from her. that was a milestone for both of us XD…
  • the biggest change this year is that, aina is now a Primary School student. she was very nervous on the first day, but has been doing very well in her class ever since. she prepares her own school stuff, she does her homework and school work. she got Star of the Week badge that she’s been craving. so, it’s all good.
  • and she keeps in touch with a few friends from kindergarten.
  • as she turned 7, she also moved up to Ballet 1 class. no longer a pre-ballet student, she’s now doing real barre and footwork like “the big girls”.
  • we went to japan, and she got sick there to the point that we had to see a doctor and she got quarantine. after getting a flu test (where a small prong being inserted into her nose and swung around), she is now very scared of japanese doctors. flu test is a traumatic experience for her.
  • an important moment for her: watched the movie Frozen… that made her go crazy over Elsa and sang that song 50 times a day… that drove us crazy, too.

and today, on her birthday, she got two huuuuge presents this morning.

a big box of beads from binggi & bubu, that we gave it to her while she’s still sleeping…

aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday

and from Relly, she got this humogous bear, later named Cinnamon.

aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday

~ comment (6) ~

hello you three. just to to wish aina a joyful year ahead. to be seven is heaven :D

i have been reading this blog, perhaps sometime from when you came by our club street store to purchase a pair of cat eye glasses?

i have always wanted to say hello, and this 7th year milestones entry made me!

i am not a parent, and probably never may be, but i know a good one when i chance one. and you sure are a loving mum, a harbor and a lighthouse.


bridget | 2 July 2014 - 12:39 | reply

hi bridget,

aina still uses the pens we got from you, and she still plays with the little yellow mummy doll that you gave her. she named her Willow Yellow. and she thinks your wish, “to be seven is heaven” is cool… because it rhymes. thank you, bridget! are you guys still in Kampong Glam?

thalia | 3 July 2014 - 03:24 | reply

Aah, aina udah gedeee…
Seneng ya hadiahnya sekotak beads yg super besar. Mau dibikin apa aja, kakak ai?

ummu umar | 13 July 2014 - 02:22 | reply

hihihi, udah jadi cincin buat dia dan omanya… kembaran ceritanya. dan beberapa gelang buat temen2nya. kemaren waktu ke jakarta, juga bawa sekantong untuk bikin2 kalo waktu luang.

thalia | 18 July 2014 - 01:55 | reply

lucu banget namanya cinnamon! aina pinter bgt deh ngasih-ngasih nama sesuatu hihihihi.

nyanya | 24 August 2014 - 11:27 | reply

ahahaha… Emang yaaa.. demam Elsa dimana-mana.. Kara setiaaap bangun pagi diputerin lagu “let it go” baru dia bangun dengan semangat ke sekolah. Kebayang deh kalo mereka ngobrol, topiknya gak jauh-jauh dari princess things :))

wiwit | 16 October 2014 - 11:37 | reply