~ yoga with aina ~

01 October 2013

yoga with aina

I’ve been doing yoga almost daily lately. A few years ago, I used to do yoga in a class. But now, with my limited time, I prefer to do it at home, on my own schedule. Not only it takes less time to do (no traveling), but it also turned out that Aina loves doing yoga with me!

Yay, another mom & daughter bonding activity!

We usually do the 45 to 60 minutes routine together. We choose the routines that’s interesting and fun for both of us. Aina does Ballet, so she’s waaaay more flexible than I am… and she loves to show it off and rub it on my face…

yoga with aina yoga with aina yoga with aina yoga with aina
yoga with aina yoga with aina yoga with aina
yoga with aina yoga with aina

I don’t usually correct her posture or anything; I just let her do whatever she wants on the mat. Aina, much like other kids, has a much shorter attention span, so there were times when she start doing things out of the routine, like bringing pillows into the mat and decided to sleep in it. Or playing with her towel and forgetting the Yoga… It’s fine. Eventually, she’ll come back when she feels like it.

yoga with aina
yoga with aina

I’d like to think that this yoga session is something that she sees often, like mom’s habit. Like tooth brushing, cooking, making-up bed… and hopefully, she identifies exercises as something that comes naturally like a habit. A fun habit, though, that everyone can join… even Koda the Dog.

yoga with aina
yoga with aina

Things I would do when I do yoga with Aina:

  1. Starts with short routine, 15-30 minutes, just in case it gets boring for the kid. When Yoga becomes a fun thing to do for them, they’ll as for longer routine :)
  2. Don’t worry if the kid(s) starts to drift off and lose concentration… their attention span is much shorter than us. Just keep it fun.
  3. I always tell her that if she gets tired or bored, she can always stop. I’d probably keep going, and she can stop anytime she wants.
  4. Wear similar outfit… I’m not sure if it works for everyone, but Aina loves wearing (and doing) things like her mom.
  5. Last but not Least: Have fun! Smile! Laugh!

~ comment (2) ~

ikh lucu banget yoga sama aina! pinter ya aina bisa ngikutin gerakannya..
terus yoga matnya pinkkk.. love love!

Bonnita | 27 November 2013 - 12:45 | reply

hihihi, kalo aina sih, emang semuanya mau pink :P kalo gerakan, emang lenturan dia euy… mamanya malah kalah, haha.

thalia | 14 December 2013 - 06:00 | reply