~ happy mothers’ day ~

13 May 2012

unlike the previous Mother’s Day entries (one, two, three… the fourth one was none-existent, we probably forgot all about it), we didn’t take pictures of me and the two kids. actually, we forgot, just like last year.

but instead, i got something much more special… aina made this for me at her school:

mothers' day present from aina

she actually couldn’t keep it as a surprise. a few days before the Mothers’ Day, she had been telling me that she got a present for me. and she had to leave it at school because the glue used for sticking the shells weren’t dry.

anyways, the figure with the red dress is me, and the pink-dressed one is aina. i’m wearing heels, she said, and have a curly hair. aina wears her red shoes.

i’m in love :)