~ got our race packs! ~

15 May 2012

we’ve got two race packs at our home:

my Sundown 2012’s that i picked up this past weekend:

sundown 2012 racepack

and aina’s Cold Storage Kids Run 2012’s that she recieved from school yesterday:

cold storage kids run 2012 racepack

i feel like we are becoming a sporty family… and that’s crazy. it’s not something that ever cross my mind two years ago. not even a year ago.

anyways, it’ll be fun and exciting. i will accompany aina on her Kids Fun Run (she got two bibs, one for her and one for me) and we’ll be running together next Sunday… on my birthday! i can’t ask for a better birthday present for me :D

and as for the Sundown, it’ll still be two weeks from now, on Saturday Night. we’re still not sure if aina and ari will tag along, because the race started at 10:30pm. quite late. i wish they could come, but we’ll see.

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yeaaaah…… best luck aina n ithal ;-)

chili | 15 May 2012 - 04:11 | reply

ihiy, thank you chil! :D

thalia | 16 May 2012 - 02:55 | reply