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09 April 2012

on April Fools day, which is also ari’s and my dating anniversary, ari got his hair upgraded.

i say upgraded instead of new hair, because the new hair is similar to his previous style

in the RER B train
the before picture

but different…

ari's new hair
the after picture

you see, Ken from Evolve has been itching to give ari an afro… it’s been a year since he first gave the idea to ari and was totally refused.

he then gave me a perm, which convinced ari to have his. “just a wave, really”, he said. that was a groundbreaking effort, because ari used to despise permed hair. he originally didn’t like the idea of me getting my hair permed, but upon seeing the result, he decided to try it himself.

and i think he liked it a lot, that this time, he allowed ken to go curly. not wavy… curly.

i’m pretty sure, the next time ari going for another update, ken is going to give him a real afro, especially after seeing picture of ari taken right after the styling was done.

when aina and i saw it for the first time, we both gasped. aina didn’t like it and asked if there is a way to revert the process so that she can have a non-curly dad. but after a bowl of ramen, aina changed her mind and starting to like it. i think it’s because the big afro-styling didn’t last long and ari’s hair sorta settled back down again.

the next day, the hair looks really good. and now we all love ari’s new hair.

ari's new hair

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Wah ini ok kok, cocok sama gaya gaul jaman sekarang yang jadul

Alderina | 13 April 2012 - 02:08 | reply

hihihi, retro ari yang gaul XD

thalia | 13 April 2012 - 04:03 | reply