~ new hair pt. 2: perm ~

03 September 2011

remember this haircut that i got recently? just like durians, it got mixed reviews… people either love it or hate it.

but no matter what, the plan continues: here is a second part of the hair chronicle. today, i got it permed. i have never permed my hair before. does straightening/rebonding constitute as perming? well, i’ve straightened my hair once (and will never again), but i have never make it curly/wavy permanently. so, i hope this one goes well.

once again, this was done at Evolve, by Ken Hong.

before perm (09.2011)
this is before

perming process (09.2011)

the whole process only took about 1.5 hours, even though my hair is rather stubborn. i sure hope that the wave will last a few months.

after perm (09.2011)
…and this is after.

i loooove the result. the picture is taken right after i got out of the salon, so it’s totally styled with lots of hair products. we then rode our bikes home, and the hair passed the bike riding test; it still looked great after 9km ride.

and then, i went for a nap. waking up, it still looked nice. not as poofy (which is still good).

at midnight, i went for my night run… and the hair still hold up and i’m still loving it! i’m very happy.

so, the next test will be shower. let’s see how it looks tomorrow after i do the styling, not the salon. i hope it’s easier to maintain than the straight version.

~ comment (2) ~

I like your new hair style..

Naomi S | 14 September 2011 - 12:47 | reply

yay, thank you, naomi! and how are you?

thalia | 15 September 2011 - 02:03 | reply