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13 April 2011

tiong bahru park, the playground

i was browsing the National Parks website looking for parks to visit, when i saw the Tiong Bahru Park pictures, where it has a very cool looking playground in a shape of a train. so ari and i decided to pay a visit.

it’s a pretty easy ride from home, going through the newly-renovated Alexandra Park Connector.

we got there around 1pm, so the sun was fierce and no one was in the park. we had the park for ourselves, which is great… except everything metal was too hot to touch.

tiong bahru park, the playground

it’s a great playground. the ground is all sand, so aina was excited that she can play sand at the same time as climbing around. there are zip lines for the kids to play with. there are all kinds of stairs and ladders to climb up the train.

tiong bahru park, the playground
tiong bahru park, the playground
tiong bahru park, the playground
tiong bahru park, the playground
tiong bahru park, the playground

we stayed for about half an hour before decided that we were hungry and toasted. so we rode to Tiong Bahru Plaza, which is only across the street and grabbed lunch.

by the time we’re done lunch, the sky was overcast grey. it was nice and cool, but the air tells you that the thunderstorm is only minutes away. but we went back to the park anyway.

this time, the park was full with kids. big kids, like high school kids. and they play kinda rough. and there were a few older people laying around with their shirt off. more kids came in with their motorcycle passing through the park. i think it’s actually illegal to ride motorcycles in the park, but apparently no one cares. and the kids were doing some kind of transaction on the motorcycle.

the atmosphere was totally different than a few hours ago. this time, it kinda reminded me to parks in NYC… not in a good way. i guess that explains the amount of tagging on the walls and poles of the train. i guess, after school this playground becomes a “big kids plaground”…

anyways, we left as the sky had become totally grey and we pedaled home as fast as we could to avoid the thunderstorm. and we made it in time… as soon as we stepped foot in the house, it started pouring cats and dogs.

~ comment (4) ~

Desain tamannya bagus, kayaknya aina menikmati banget ya

Eka Fajar | 18 April 2011 - 06:42 | reply

iya, bagus banget. kayaknya agak underrated, makanya sepi dan jadi suka dipake buat yang engga2 ama anak2 sekitar… sayang sih.

thalia | 19 April 2011 - 12:17 | reply

Oh kemarin kesini? keretanya lumayan bagus, tapi suasananya ga gitu ya… cari lg taman yg lain.

mimi | 18 April 2011 - 07:17 | reply

kayaknya karena sepi dan ga ngetop, jadi banyak orang anehnya, ma. kalo diliat2, lagi ada construction untuk PCN ke parknya. moga2 karena itu, jadi lebih banyak yang make, dan si park lebih rame.

sayang soalnya designnya bagus banget.

thalia | 19 April 2011 - 12:20 | reply