~ cycling to kallang riverside park ~

08 March 2011

since ari is having a break from an on-site freelance job, we decided to go for a ride to the city during a weekday. the guys at the Vanguard Designs Workshop told us that there is a cute little coffee club at Kallang Riverside Park, and the road to get there from the Robertson Quay is very bike friendly. and they said, the area is pretty empty on weekdays, which makes riding easier. so, off we went.

the first nice surprise we got was that the Alexandra Park Connector’s construction was actually completed and the PCN turned out to be very pretty…

at the new alexandra park connector
at the new alexandra park connector
at the new alexandra park connector

it trully makes the ride to Robertson/Clarke Quay many times easier and more pleasant.

we had our lunch at Kith Cafe at the Robertson Quay. then we continued riding to the Esplanade.

the ride through the Quays was a bit annoying because we had to keep dismounting from our bikes whenever we went through the underpass below the bridges. and there are tons of bridges on the side of the river.

we took a bit of a rest at the Esplanade, where we bought a cold drink from a street vendor and aina ran around the vast park, climbing up and down the seats of the outdoor amphitheather.

we passed the Helix Bridge underpass…

from the end of the helix bridge

then rode by the side of the Singapore Flyer

singapore flyers

taking pictures of the scenic Marina Bay…

the marina sands on the background

and arriving at the cute little coffee shop by the Kallang Riverside Park.

a pretty little coffee shop at the kallang riverside park

it was a tuesday, and the coffee shop was hidden in the middle of the park… but it was totally packed! so packed that we had to sit outside. it makes me wonder perhaps, we were the only one who wasn’t aware about this coffee shop a few weeks ago.


anyways, after a cup of coffee for each of us (except for aina), we decided to head back home. it’s getting late and aina was about to fall asleep.