~ bukit batok ride + burnt me ~

05 March 2011

after living without finch and thyme for almost a week, it was finally a weekend and we could go to pick them up. aina had been asking for thyme everyday since the day we left her at oscar’s apartment. she said she missed her.

so we packed up as soon as we woke up. aina gathered all her swimming equipment, because we’re planning to do some swimming at oscar’s apartment if we could get there early enough. according to the weather report, there will be thunderstorm in the afternoon, which means we need to leave Bukit Batok around 2pm to get home before 3pm.

as usual, we ran a little late because we forgot to set our alarm, and none of us woke up early enough. we took the bus there. aina changed to her swimming gear fast enough and soon, she was paddling around the shallow pool, playing with seal statues.

swimming at oscar's
swimming at oscar's

the sun was rather fierce, so i decided to skip swimming and laid down under the umbrella. oscar and ari was in the pool with aina, though.

after an hour of swimming, we took the bike to get lunch at Karu, an Indian banana leaf restaurant… which turned out to be really good!

when we got out of the restaurant, we saw big dark cloud hanging above Bukit Batok. so, we didn’t stop by oscar’s place on the way home and went straight to Holland Village as fast as we could in this 15km run. the weather was nice and cool… until we got to Jurong area. all the sudden the dark cloud disappeared, replaced by the same fierced sun that i tried to avoid earlier. it was soooooo hot! crazy hot!

i get overheated easily, so cycling under scorching hot sun is my bane. by the time i got home, i was exhausted and rather dehydrated. and very browned. yes, brown.


okay, that picture above doesn’t do justice. but it kinda shows the color difference… i wanted to take a picture of my arm against my tummy, but the picture always end up looking indecent… :P


you know, the fingers are not directly under the sun during the ride because they wrapped around the handle bar… and there was a very distinct line on my knuckles, separating the “before & after the ride” colors. and this is with 50 SPF sunblock!

~ comment (2) ~

Ahh.. careful out there biking in the hot sun!

reese | 16 March 2011 - 01:35 | reply

i miss the 4-season weather. it’s so much more friendly for biking. here, it’s either really hot or really raining :(

thalia | 17 March 2011 - 01:25 | reply