~ west coast park ~

19 March 2011

the last time we went to West Coast Park was when koda was about 5 months old and aina wasn’t even conceived. this time, it’s a bike ride, so koda didn’t come.

west coast park
west coast park

the park itself was nice… they have a big playground area. unfortunately, not long after we arrived there, the rain came down hard and aina didn’t have time to try the playground. she was rather disappointed, but it was party her fault for taking so long with her lunch.

after the rain, we rode around the wet park. the park located right next to the sea port, so some parts are noisy and the view wasn’t very pleasant to see.

cycling to west coast park
cycling to west coast park
cycling to west coast park

but the highlight of the trip was the way back… a very crazy heavy rain caught us right when we were crossing the AYE, right in the middle of the bridge. and since the bridge was very narrow, we had to walk the bike, making the crossing time longer and wetter.

and the rain was harder than this.

cycling to west coast park

we were soaked all the way to our underwear. thank god for aina’s polkadot raincoat, she was spared.

more pictures in the west coast park 03.11 photo album.

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waaaahhh…. asyiiknya sepedaan di taman adem gini

chili | 7 April 2011 - 01:11 | reply

iyaaa. sepedaan pas abis ujan itu emang paling enaaaak, hehe.

thalia | 7 April 2011 - 03:29 | reply