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09 February 2011

path to jurong bird park

last sunday, the three of us went to the Jurong Bird Park by bikes. that was, by far, our longest bike trip. and a few times, aina was falling asleep on the bike.

it’s pretty scary whenever she falls asleep, because her child seat is waaay too small for her. it fit fine two and a half years ago:

test drive with the carrier

but her shoulder has gone past the backrest by now:

kampong jawa

so, after that Bird Park trip, we made up our minds: we need to buy larger child seat as soon as possible.

for the past few weeks, i’ve been researching on bike child seat. originally, i was looking for seat that can recline. i went through Beto Deluxe Reclining Baby Bicycle Seat, Snooze Reclining Child Seat and Limo Deluxe Rear Child Seat… but they all very expensive. some don’t recline far enough and some of them don’t even fit Thyme, my bike… it would a nightmare scenario to order an expensive child seat online and find out that it doesn’t fit my bike.

i considered buying second hand seat to save some money, but all my ebay/craiglist/gumtree hunt came back empty-handed.

and then, i found a Polisport Wallaby Evolution Deluxe, which reclines and available at Rodalink store, which is only a few blocks away from my home. i decided to game them a call, asking for the availability and the price. they do have it, and since it’s a new product, they’re currently sell it for an introductory price of $108… which is pretty much less than half of all the seats i’ve researched.

so, today, aina and i went to the Rodalink nearby to check the seat out. the staff are extremely helpful and very nice. they put the seat on to my bike for aina to try before we bought it. we also tried the cheaper version called Polisport Boodie. that one doesn’t recline and the price is half of the Wallaby Evolution Deluxe.

surprisingly, aina likes the Boodie better. the recline on the Wallaby was very tiny (only around 10-20°) that aina didn’t feel the difference. but the deeper scoop on the head area seems to make aina feel more secure. i fell in love with the easy fastening mechanism… this way, ari and i can swap the seat easily, without using any tools.

so, we got ourselves a shiny new child seat… hooray!

thyme with her new child seat
new child seat

~ comment (6) ~

pas banget ya buat aina duduk, dan headrestnya keliatannya pas juga…..

maudy pojoh kamarga | 14 February 2011 - 11:15 | reply

iya, yang ini lebih pas. katanya sih bisa ampe 22kg atau 7 tahun, tergantung yang mana nyampe duluan. semoga tahan lama :)

thalia | 14 February 2011 - 11:19 | reply

Aina uda tambah tinggi ya, jd uda ga muat….Yg baru ada tempat kakinya lg, jg ga kesemutan.

mimi | 14 February 2011 - 05:18 | reply

iya, yang dulu itu udah dari 2.5 taun yang lalu sih. udah lama juga.

yang lama juga ada tempat kakinya kok. bedanya ama yang baru cuma fastening method-nya ama yang baru lebih gede aja.

thalia | 14 February 2011 - 11:20 | reply

Yaaaay! Congratulations ya…. Ditunggu main2 ke balestier nya… :)

Cynthia | 16 February 2011 - 12:10 | reply

siip! pokoknya kalo elo ada wiken kosong, kabarin ya… ntar kita jalan2 kesana :D

thalia | 16 February 2011 - 12:43 | reply