~ bike child seat for aina ~

05 August 2009

test drive with the carrier

yay, we found a child carrier for our bike! i’m very happy, because this means, i can take aina around with the bike. of course, the idea isn’t as easy as the implementation. it turns out that aina is rather heavy and makes it harder to stabilize the bike at the start. i still need a lot of practice to have a comfortable ride with a child on my back.

test drive with the carrier
can’t you tell from my expression?

aina, on the other hand, didn’t really mind that mom was all nervous. she loved being on the bike and wearing her pink helmet (that matches with most of her pink clothes, shoes, accesories… etc etc). she loves the helmet so much that she even wears it when she’s not on the bike.

i was a bit worried that aina wouldn’t want to wear helmet. but i guess i don’t have to, thanks to our ex-neighbor — daniel and judy — who own motorcycle and scooter. during their stay next door, aina often saw them wearing helmets. so, when i put aina’s pink helmet on, she was very proud and kept saying, “i’m just like aunty judy! and uncle daniel!”… hehehe, that was easy :)

new pink helmet and carrier
on the left picture, she’s actually giving two thumbs up!

she’s not only addicted to wearing helmets, but also being on the bike. after two rides (one with ari, then one with me), aina refused to get off the child carrier. she said that she wants to sit there forever. well, actually, she told us to keep riding. but since we refused, she settled for the second best: sitting on a still bike.

anyways, if this whole biking with kid thing goes well for us, i’m thinking of investing on an iBert safe-T-seat. has anyone tried it? is it comfortable to ride with? i heard the front carrier is more stable than the back carrier. i also love the look and the kid looks comfortable sitting in it. if any of you have tried it, please do share your experience!

~ comment (2) ~

ahh soo cuuteee! coba kalian tinggal nya deketan.. kita bisa sepedaan bareng di east coast park. oh wait, tar aja kalo udah pindah ke bedok reservoir kali.. hihi.. tapi jauh amat bawa sepedanya yah?

btw, aina lucuu banget deh thal. itu dia udah bisa ngasih two thumbs up! so cute with her helmet on! i have to wait till naia can do that. skrg dia ngerti kalo disuruh ngasih OK sign, tapi ga bisa ngasih thumb, instead she points her pointy finger. *lol*

sLesTa | 6 August 2009 - 05:08 | reply

omg, that’s exactly how aina was when she was about naia’s age: saying “hebaaaat!” with her two index fingers up instead of her thumbs. she couldn’t get her thumbs up either! hahaha. and one day, she ran around the house showing everyone her “thumb” and saying, “bisa! bisa”… she was very proud when she could get her thumbs up… LOL.

btw, kalo ke bedok reservoir dari sini bisa gempor, shin, haahah… kita ga punya mobil sih, jadi ga bisa bawa sepedanya… elo aja yang ke sini bawa sepeda, hihihi.

thalia | 6 August 2009 - 06:58 | reply