~ goodbye dear suitcase ~

14 April 2010


my greyish, blueish, greenish suitcase has been my companion for 7 years, and today, we’re about to bid farewell with it.

seven years… it’s probably not that long for suitcases, but it definitely has one of the largest mileage among my other suitcases. it was with me during my nomadic period: in 2003-2004, i lived in 3 different cities in 3 different countries — jakarta, melbourne and singapore. at that time, i only stay in a city for about 2-7 weeks at a time, and all my belongings fit in that suitcase. everything.

looking back, i think it was a pretty crazy lifestyle… and how important MP3 player, handheld Gameboy and noise-cancelling headphones at that time.

anyways, i digress…

the greyish, blueish, greenish suitcase’s last trip was the trip to Australia and New Zealand that we took last May. despite a few deep scratches and stains on the handle, the suitcase still look nice. and strong. however, during the trip, the lock was jammed a few times, causing a little panic among us. there are times, too, when the lock just don’t want to lock.

so, yesterday in a mall, we found a pretty cheap and light suitcase, the same size as this one. it’s probably less durable than the greyish, blueish, greenish suitcase. but i hope the lock won’t jam during trips.

so, good bye dear greyish, blueish, greenish suitcase. and welcome gunmetal suitcase.

~ comment (2) ~

yesss it surely needs a break now your greyish, blueish, greenish suitcase. RIP

Lisa | 21 April 2010 - 06:40 | reply

it does, indeed. so many scratches and it looks so dirty! hehehe.

thalia | 24 April 2010 - 01:07 | reply