~ Splash in Tokyo ~

10 April 2010

splash in tokyo
there is a bigger picture, too.

i can’t believe i forgot to upload this illustration. we finished it a few months ago, and it sorta got burried among other works.

it was done for the nice people in Splash, and the theme is Tokyo. it was really fun to draw. and once again, we get to put ourselves (on our bikes, too!) in the illustration.


seriously, i wish we could do this more often…

~ comment (12) ~

The first picture is near Laforete, isn’t it? so lovely and Merry.

mimi | 10 April 2010 - 11:24 | reply

hehe, bukan… it’s actually a composite of many different buildings and structures around tokyo.

thalia | 12 April 2010 - 02:02 | reply

Hello Kitty?

Check this out:


the theme: I wanna be macho but cute at the same time :)


Masindi | 13 April 2010 - 09:15 | reply

haha, that’s hello kitty overload! the hello kitty in the picture was client’s request… she’ll probably appreciate that car :)

thalia | 18 April 2010 - 03:37 | reply

What a great picture Thalia! Thank you for showing this. As a great Tokyo-Fan, I discovered so many little items that fits so perfectly in this town.
Greetings from Switzerland,

Bri | 13 April 2010 - 07:59 | reply

yay, thank you! it was super fun drawing the details :) so glad that you find it fitting!

thalia | 18 April 2010 - 03:39 | reply

You’re both are so talented :) I love how you put “Halal” sign on the man behind you and aina :P *kepikiran aja*

ekSi | 17 April 2010 - 03:21 | reply

haha, the halal thing was hillarious. unfortunately, we can’t take the credit… it was per client’s suggestion… that guy was supposed to look for halal food :)

thalia | 18 April 2010 - 03:40 | reply

mba, keren bgt wow… mo nanya karena aku ga bisa nge-zoom lbh besar lg, kok kayak ada tintin sama colonel sanders ya?

noushka | 19 April 2010 - 08:57 | reply

ah, masa? tintin ama KFC dude? haha… ga ada kok. umm, emang ga bisa nge-zoom. cuma ada versi lebih gedenya… klik yang tulisan “bigger picture” itu.

thalia | 24 April 2010 - 01:06 | reply

Ooww keren!! Penasaran dgn gambar orang diatas Gedung Dotted Line itu lagi ngapain ya? Bentar lagi kan liburan kesana ya Mami Thal?

Ipeh | 27 April 2010 - 07:35 | reply

itu ceritanya lagi onsen, peh… tapi karena tempatnya kecil, jadi ditaro di tong aja, hehe.

ke tokyonya masih lama, euy. masih bulan september :)

thalia | 28 April 2010 - 06:07 | reply