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31 October 2009

happy halloween!

i love halloween, because it gives me reasons to make costumes and put up strange decorations on the house. this year, we asked two ghosts to guard the front gate and we turned our child into a stuffed animal (or a bean bag):

halloween costumes

yep, aina is a blue fat rabbit. it was soooo much fun making aina’s costume. at the beginning, i wanted to use pink or white fake fur fabric. but the store ran out of it and they said they will not restock until November (which they lied, because when i went there a week ago, they actually had the pink fur one). it felt like sewing a stuffed animal, except that it’s bigger and has a hole in the middle so that aina can get in. i used one of my black hair band for the wire-framed bunny ears, and the paws are made out of aina’s froggy slippers, covered with the blue fake fur.

halloween costumes

i, just like last year, dressed up as a witch again. it’s just easier. maybe next year, i’ll think of something more interesting. ari, didn’t dress up at all. that’s why there is no photo of him.

like last year, we invited a few friends over to participate on the Trick-or-Treat night around our neighborhood. shinta and naia came by. then yosi sent her kids, alif and namira, for the trick-or-treat. adhit, ninit, alde and arza joined the party again. and cynthia, ditto and rani came by later.

halloween 09

the evening started with a huuuuge thunderstorm. it looked pretty hopeless and i could see how disappointed the kids were that they couldn’t go out to trick-or- treat. after waiting for about two hours, at 8pm, the rain finally stopped. so we immediately got ready — putting the costumes back on and adjusting them for rain (aina couldn’t wear her bunny slippers, so instead she wore her rain boots).

in light rain, we’re off for candy-hunting. ari, shinta, naia, ninit and arza stayed home to cater for the ghouls and monsters who stop by our house for candies.

it was fun. it turned out that everyone in the neighborhood went out all at the same time. everyone loves aina’s costume (even though aina didn’t enjoy being touched and hugged by random people). the two ghost seem to be a hit, too.

according to adhit, who went out trick-or-treating with ari last year, there are more people (or monsters) out on the street, which is great. there are some very cool decorations, too: a coffin with gory looking puppet with glowing-in-the-dark eyes and moving arms. there was a house where the kids had to reach into a bowl of foam and pull out icky creatures, like spiders and other insects (rubber ones, of course), in order to get candies.

despite the rain, it was a lot of fun. i hope that we can do this again next year. i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

by the way, if you are wondering where the rest of the trick-or-treat pictures are, well, i didn’t bring my camera. but cynthia did. so i just have to wait until she uploads the pictures, and i will link it from here. meanwhile, my halloween ‘09 album is accessible in flickr.

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WHY HELLO THAR BLUE BEAN BAG *squishes Aina* bentuknya begooo lucuuuuuu!!! ♥

naomi | 2 November 2009 - 02:15 | reply

squish-able, really :)

thalia | 3 November 2009 - 12:13 | reply

aina super duper cute :D wore a fat blue bunny :D

fenny | 2 November 2009 - 06:26 | reply

in her own words: bunny nduuuut!

thalia | 3 November 2009 - 12:13 | reply