~ trick-or-treat! ~

01 November 2008

the Trick-or-Treat night was a blast!

we started decorating the house the night before, but unfortunately, the thunderstorm started right after we finished decorating. so the crepe ribbons were wet and the balloons fell off here and there. we ended up re-decorating again the next morning.


my favorite element is the monsters in our windows… aina kept reffering them as “gigi” or “teeth” in english.

the monsters during the day are not that scary, though.

our outift had been ready to wear since yesterday. i’m a witch,


aina is little red riding hood and koda is the wolf,


and ari is… well, a caped chaperone….


we invited ninit, adhit and alde to join the fun. while the dads took the kids and the dog out for candy-hunting, the moms stay at home and giving away candies to the little (and some big) monsters, ghouls and fairies.

we had some leftover crepe papers, so i ended up making small crepe pumpkins filled with random candies. i think i’ll do this again next halloween. it was fun to make.


the kids were overjoyed with the walks and the amount of candies obtained. as soon as Alde got back from the trick-or-treat round, he gave each of us one candy from his basket. sharing the wealth!


according to ari’s and adhit’s stories, there are some cool decorations on other houses, including the house that has the front of the Black Pearl (from the Pirates of the Carribbean) in 2-D as the facade of their gate. i don’t have the picture, but as soon as i get it from Ninit, i’ll post it up here.

more photos at the Halloween 2008 Flickr album.

~ comment (4) ~

What a fun, especially with some friends around.

mimi | 2 November 2008 - 10:13 | reply

yes, definitely! :) can’t wait for next year!

thalia | 3 November 2008 - 07:29 | reply

next year naia ikutan yaaa… heheh… taun ini halloween nya di jakarta, jadi ga rame deh..

sLesTa | 4 November 2008 - 12:12 | reply

iya doooong! taun depan kan naia udah bisa enjoy dan ikutan dress up.

thalia | 4 November 2008 - 06:43 | reply