~ family portrait in batik ~

02 October 2009

family portrait in batik

happy batik day, all!

even though we’re in Singapore, we do wear batik today. aina has soooo many batik dresses, it was rather easy to choose. ari, on the other hand, only has this t-shirt from Danar Hadi. i have a few pieces, but this long skirt is my favorite. i ripped the bottom of it by accident (i stepped on and ripped it), so this morning, i had to sew it before wearing it.

we were going to take pictures with koda, even though she doesn’t wear any batik today. but it was sooooo hard direct her, that this is the best picture of the four of us:

family portrait in batik

the other ones are either koda’s head cut off, because she would rather look to the left, or everyone is blurry trying to tell koda where to go, or when koda looks okay, aina look somewhere else (sorta like this one, but worse).

now, more photos of the making:

the making...

this is what we do when ari is setting up the camera on the tripod and focusing. “wave to daddy!”

and this is one of those silly moments during the set up:

batik + sunnies

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Happy Batik Day to you, too!

Kim | 3 October 2009 - 07:22 | reply

thanks, kim! and thanks again for touting this on twitter :D

thalia | 3 October 2009 - 06:37 | reply