~ potty training - day 3 ~

30 September 2009

so, it’s official: the 3-day potty training works on aina.

since this morning, she’s been telling us — even waking us up — whenever she wants to go to the bathroom. and she has been able to hold it long enough for us to help her taking off her panties and sit her on the potty. she’s been dry the whole day. in her words: “semua pipis dimasukin ke pispot aina, bukan di lantai!” (translation: all my pee goes into the potty, not on the floor!)

she had no accidents at all but one, at night… the second from last pee. she was very excited to play with her play-do. by the time she get to it, she gasped, looked at us with her round surprised eyes while her hands covered her crotch… one second later, a puddle formed around her feet. she kept saying, “oh, i’m not supposed to pee here! oh, this should go to the potty”, while pointing to her red potty.

so, in a way, i still think it works.

of course there are limitations:

  1. she’s still using diaper during her nap time and night sleep. on her nap time, sometimes the diaper stays dry and she goes potty right after she wakes up. but the overnight diaper remains full, even with going to the bathroom right before bed time.
  2. she hasn’t been able to take off her panties by herself. well, she could, but not fast enough to make it to the potty. so, we still have to be there to help her in and out of her bottoms.
  3. we still haven’t tried public bathrooms. that’s gonna be a challenge. for now, we still go out with diaper on, and try to be home before she has to pee again. so, next step would be going to the mall for longer period of time and use the public bathrooms.
  4. she will have accidents. but as long as she understands the concept for where things supposed to go and how to do it, it’s all good.
  5. poop. it hasn’t been successfully proven. the first day, she pooped very early in the morning, that it was on her sleeping diaper. on the second day, the poop was one of the accidents. today, she didn’t poop at all. so, for that, we have to see what happen tomorrow.

the highlight of this past few days is the “cleaning up” part. after aina is done peeing, she can’t wait to get a tissue, clean up her pee pee, then she stands up from the potty and push an imaginary button on the back of the potty while saying, “sssshhhhhhhhh”, mimicking the flush. i thought it was cute. i think, that’s one of the reasons why she enjoys this whole potty training experience. she likes doing that flushing thing.

it’s still a long way before she can independently using the toilet (she’s still too short to climb up the toilet), but this is definitely a jump start :)

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~ comment (4) ~

ati ati thal, nanti kalau udah jago pipis di public bathroom jangan spt daiva. sekarang kalau jalan jalan pasti mintanya ke toilet :D

godote | 1 October 2009 - 09:43 | reply

wah, bisa jadi ketagihan ya? rese tuh! hahaha…

thalia | 1 October 2009 - 11:45 | reply

thal, trying the public restroom in singapore should be easier, cuz they dedicate a toilet for lil kids. maybe u should go to the malls which is kid-friendly kali yaa..

anyway, good tip! will need them soon enough.. :)

sLesTa | 5 October 2009 - 12:46 | reply

that’s a good idea. we should try the kid friendly toilet first. that should be less intimidating for aina! hopefully, she doesn’t ask for those mini toilets to be put in our own bathroom :P

thalia | 5 October 2009 - 12:56 | reply