~ koda got a haircut ~

28 June 2009

it started out with her trip to our backyard yesterday. we don’t know what she found and played with, but she came back in to the house, stinky and sticky, especially on her right ear area. all of the long fur behind her ear was lumped together held by a brownish grey sticky (and stinky!) substance… eww!

we had to cut it off — the lump, the hair and everything around her right ear. she then looked rather lopsided, so we decided to chop off the other side.

we were going to give her bath ourselves, but two days ago, ari injured his back and could barely stand up (but that’s another long story). so today, we brought koda to a professional groomer to bathe her and she came up looking different than the usual koda:

before haircut before haircut
before the haircut

after haircut after haircut
after the haircut, with aina who misses koda so much while the dog was away.

the groomer trimmed the ear area even shorter to make it more even and clean looking. they also trim her leg fur and butt fur, which usually grows rather wild.

i kinda like her new look. it makes her look fresh, clean, bigger and “handsome”. well, she has never been a pretty-type of dog, but this haircut definitely make her look more, ehm, manly and strong.

after haircut

so, yay for handsome koda!