~ OZ + NZ trip 2009 ~

11 June 2009

we actually arrived in Singapore late last night. i was soooo exhausted that i just left the suitcases downstairs, and practically went straight to bed. ari did open one of the suitcases to get our contact lenses solution and cases, made aina’s milk and put the girl to bed. i, on the other hand, was just like a zombie, following him around and crashed on our bed and didn’t remember anything about it.

a few notes about the trip:

  • the wedding was excellent. imagine driving around in an vintage London Double Decker through the center city of Auckland. fun!
  • umeboshi, my pink laptop, went dead in the middle of the trip. half of the trip photos are in there. i’m currently trying to get the data out of the dead computer before reformatting the damn thing. ugh.
  • i tried to write a journal entry everyday, up to the day umeboshi died. after that, i stopped. i still upload photos through ari’s macbook whenever there is an internet connection.
  • we went to see Hobbiton. it was a very cold and windy day… and hobbiton was nothing like i imagined.
  • got to see some dolphins swimming and a little (pigmy) whale.
  • zoo in Melbourne. unfortunately, we had to end it quick due to rain.
  • playing around with red and yellow leaves… and sleeping on a green winter grass.

this was a long family trip, where we visited my family in Melbourne and went to ari’s sister’s wedding in New Zealand. unfortunately, we haven’t finished writing all the entries, and we’ve been very slow in uploading the photos. sorry about that.

at the Terminal 3, Changi Airport

Day 0:
- entry: departure to Darwin
- photo: flickr 24/05/2009 album

walking around collins street, melbourne

Day 1:
- entry: Melbourne
- photo: flickr 25/05/2009 album

obligatory photo of melbourne central

Day 2:
- entry: St. Paul’s Cathedral + shopping
- photo: flickr 26/05/2009 album

areal new zealand

Day 3:
- entry: to Auckland
- photo: flickr 27/05/2009 album

red building

Day 4:
- entry: Auckland + wedding rehersal
- photo: flickr 28/05/2009 album

auckland domain

Day 5:
- entry: Auckland domain + steak
- entry: te-pai
- photo: flickr 29/05/2009 album

nia & bond wedding day

Day 6:
- entry: the wedding day!
- photo: flickr 30/05/2009 album

visiting Devonport

Day 7:
- entry: Devonport
- photo: flickr 31/05/2009 album

yay, we arrived in Shire!

Day 8:
- entry: to the Hobitton!
- photo: flickr 01/06/2009 album

sun, park and belgian beer

Day 9:
- entry: belgian beer + center city
- photo: flickr 02/06/2009 album

on the way to Russell

Day 10:
- entry: road trip to Russell
- photo: flickr 03/06/2009 album

the beautiful russell

Day 11:
- entry: dolphine + whale watching
- photo: flickr 04/06/2009 album


Day 12:
- entry: Paihia
- photo: flickr 05/06/2009 album

Day 13:
- entry: back to Auckland
- photo: flickr 06/06/2009 album

Day 14:
- entry: back to Melbourne
- photo: flickr 07/06/2009 album

Day 15:
- entry: in Melbourne again
- photo: flickr 08/06/2009 album

Day 16:
- entry: Melbourne
- photo: flickr 09/06/2009 album

Day 17:
- entry: flying back to Singapore
- photo: flickr 10/06/2009 album