~ OZ + NZ trip day 1: Melbourne ~

25 May 2009

the flight to Melbourne from Darwin was totally full. so, we didn’t have the luxury of having the row all for ourselves. and that also means that aina, who was already tired from running around the airport, has to sleep on our lap.

at the hotel
aina + fenny at the hotel

from lack of sleep (only 20 minutes of sleep the whole night), i didn’t mind the toddler on my lap. both aina and i slept soundly on the first 2 hours of the flight. then after that, ari’s turn to have aina on his lap. he didn’t seem to have that much problem either. once again, aina pretty much slept the whole flight… so far, she’s been doing very well in the plane! we couldn’t ask for a more behaving toddler!

my brother and his wife, Ramanda and Fenny, picked us up at the airport. after getting a quick lesson on how to take the bus from and to the airport (for next visit), we’re off to the hotel. Ramanda borrowed my dad’s car, which was a bit on a small side. so, after loading all of our luggage and aina’s stroller, it’s apparent that one of us had to take a bus to the city. poor Fenny…

walking around collins street, melbourne walking around collins street, melbourne

after taking a wrong exit on the way to the city, we met up with Fenny at the hotel, the Batman’s Hill on Collins (ooh, batman’s hotel!). Ramanda couldn’t join us and had to go back to the office. Fenny had took a half day off to accompany us around.

we walked around the hotel area to get lunch, stopping to take some pictures along the way. we ended up at Taco Bill, a chained Mexican bar and restaurant.

our lunch
our lunch

ooh, what a yummy and filling lunch! late, but filling.

when we got out of the restaurant, it had already started to rain. oh no! and we didn’t bring any umbrella nor rain gear for aina’s stroller. so, instead of spending the day walking around the city, we ended up going back to the hotel.

ari fell asleep right away, followed by aina, while fenny and i caught up and gossiped about many things… he he.

i guess the first day in Melbourne was rather short. after Fenny left the hotel around 6pm, i went to sleep as well, waking up around 10 and was too lazy to go out to dinner. so ari went out to a nearby grocery store and bought some sandwiches and yogurt. aina didn’t complain. i guess she was rather tired and would like to spend her evening drawing and coloring in her bed instead of out on the street. that’s okay by me.

photo album: may 24 and may 25.

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Waah… Itu makanan bikin ngiler…
Btw, we went to the ramen place at Central… I was surprise to know that the waitresses still remember us. I think it’s because of Aina… :)

cynthia | 31 May 2009 - 03:32 | reply

really? ha ha, we need to go there again soon… i’ve been thinking about (and salivating over) those ramen…

thalia | 13 June 2009 - 10:38 | reply