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24 April 2009

amused by the active jellyfish

ari and i had been so busy with work this week. poor aina, she had to play all by herself most of the days. her parents are either working, cooking, or sleeping. we hadn’t even had time to take her out of the house all week. and she has been very helpful by being understanding and behaving well.

in the aquarium's tunnel

today, which is the only day where we actually have free time, we decided to take aina out. outdoor activities are out of the question, because the weather has been crazy hot lately. so, we went to the Underwater World in Sentosa.

aina has never been to any aquarium/oceanarium, and the last time we went there was before aina was born.

it turned out that aina was more interested in the conveyor belt/travelator thing that carries people in the tunnel. she went “whoa” when she saw it and wanted to keep riding it. she probably think it’s the same thing as those baggage conveyor belt in airports. she had been wanting to get on those things.

other than the conveyor belt, she also liked the large turtles swimming around in the outside of the Oceanarium and the petting aquarium… we spent quite a time trying to pet the rays. she was nervous, but curious. i think they rays were, too.

she was scared of crabs, especially those big ones. the large fresh-water fish like arapaima and the giant catfish also scared her. but she squealed right away when she saw nemo. well, the black nemo, that is. they don’t have the orange ones.

she also thought the jellyfish are cool. but that’s probably because her parents are so into jellyfish :P

after the aquarium, we stopped by the Ben & Jerry’s to cool ourselves down. then took the bus to the Imbiah Look-out, to catch the cable car to get back to Harbour Front.

a couple of  loving cows

aina, though, was very excited to see the big Merlion. for some reasons, she likes really merlions. every time she sees picture of it, usually in ads at bus-stops, she’ll scream “me-AYong!”… so, before leaving the island, we had to walk down to the merlion statue.

but we were too lazy to walk all the way down to the bottom of the statue to take picture with it. so instead, we took picture with the cows. the loving cows.

anyways, there are more photos in the photo album :)

~ comment (4) ~

hehehe…. jadi ikut nikmatin bareng Aina rasanya

kania | 26 April 2009 - 02:29 | reply

hehe, asik! kemaren waktu ke sini, sempet ke underwater world ga? eh, tapi sebenernya sih ga beda jauh ama sea world yang di jakarta. malah, mungkin bagusan yang di ancol…

thalia | 26 April 2009 - 10:34 | reply

cool!! we gotta take naia to the aquarium too, now that she understands more. the last time we took her to see the fish was when we went to perth. took her to the underwater aquarium in the busselton jetty. she loves it!

sLesTa | 28 April 2009 - 04:19 | reply

yeah, the aquarium is a good alternative to malls during hot days. it gets pretty crowded though. i can’t really imagine how crowded it would be during weekends…

thalia | 29 April 2009 - 04:36 | reply