~ easter long weekend ~

12 April 2009

so, what did we do during the long weekend last week?

well, we had so many things planned, but the rained poured so much, that we had to cancel most of the plans.

on the easter sunday, ari took aina to the church to participate on the easter mass. as we expected, they had to leave before the mass was done. they stayed a little after the communion, which was surprising… aina could sit and stay quite for 1.5 hours! that’s pretty good for her first time!

aina and naia
aina and naia

on friday, we went to Adhit and Ninit’s place, met up with Ario + Shinta’s family, and enjoying the good weather in the Caribbean’s swimming pool… we forgot to bring swimsuit for aina (and for us), so aina had to borrow alde’s bumwear… good thing that little girls don’t mind being topless on public swimming pool. the funny thing about wearing bum-wear in swimming pool is that the pants are waterproof. so everytime aina got out of the pool, her pants are all puffy and full of water. she then got angry for carrying such heavy pants and demanded me to take them off. i guess little girls don’t mind being naked in public pool, too…

aina with noodle

we also found out that aina has been able to get a hang of lifesaver-type of floaters and the noodle type. she kept borrowing those from naia and alde. so, that means we probably have to do floaters shopping before the hot and humid days arrive.

there are more photos at the Flickr’s photo album.