~ aina’s cardigan - wip2 ~

09 December 2008

so, it looks like the cardigan that i started a week ago is going along pretty well.

aina's cardigan - still wip

i’m finishing the right arm, and the left arm is all done. i’m pretty happy with it so far. of course, there were many, many blunders along the way. i had to start over three times, just because i didn’t know how to read the pattern. then, i messed up the counts. after that, i had to re-do the left arm three times… i didn’t know that the way you slip the stitch is different when you’re using double-pointed needles.


and i’m still not sure if the left and the right arms have the same shape. haha. oh well, it’s a part of learning process, right?

another thing about the cardigan is that it is now obvious that it will be too big for aina. maybe, once i’m done making this one, i can start making another one that will actually fit her (and has symmetrical arms).