~ aina’s cardigan - wip ~

02 December 2008

aina's cardigan - wip

after many, many knitted scarves and hats, i’m finally brave enough to venture to sweaters. well, maybe not a full-fledge sweater… i’m making a Tater’s cotton cardigan for aina — yep, toddler size (he he), so it’s faster and probably easier, too.

there are so many new things i have to learn in order to do this new project:

  • this is the first time i’m doing a project by left-handed knitting (continental style). i learned this technique from the internet a few days ago (from this video), and loved it. it’s faster, it’s easier and it’s so similar to crochet, which what i’m more familiar with.
  • this is the first time i’m using circular needles. now that i can knit continental style, i think i’ll be using circular needles more often. it’s just easier to carry around!
  • i’ll have to use double pointed needles (DPN) to make the sleeves, and i’ve never used those before. so, again, it will be another first-time for me. i’m currently watching the video and reading the Stitch Diva Studios tutorial and practicing on cheap yarn.

i can’t wait to master all these things… maybe i can start knitting socks, soon (i’m always intimidated with sock-making)! woohoo!

anyways, i have a hunch the cardigan may end up too big for aina. the smallest measurement is size 2 with 21-inch chest. aina’s chest is only 19 inches, and since the nearby store doesn’t have 3.5mm knitting needle, i had to use my 4mm needle, which makes the cardigan even bigger.

oh well, she’ll grow, right?

~ comment (2) ~

Well, she is definitely growing up and lucky to have Wonder Mom like you :)

yen | 4 December 2008 - 08:56 | reply

aww, thank you, yen… so sweet of you :)

thalia | 5 December 2008 - 11:33 | reply