~ to the zoo! ~

01 October 2008

at the entrance

Eid Mubarak, everyone!

we’ve been wanting to take aina to the zoo for a long time, but there is always something in the way; it’s either rainy day, or work and errands, appointments, etc etc.

today, though, is a perfect day to go to the zoo! it’s cloudy but not too chilly, her grandparents are still here on visit, and ari and i are free…

but, of course, it’s a national holiday… and there were about thousands of other people thinking it was a perfect day to go to the zoo. we should’ve known. long lines were everywhere: at the ticket counter, at the KFC, at the restroom, at every animal enclosure… lines, lines, lines.


despite that, aina seemed to enjoy it. she squealed when she saw the otters (and cried when we left the cage), she was excited seeing fish swimming in the hippo’s pond, she wanted to touch the white tigers, and the kangaroos, and practically every single animal we saw (except for the tapir, don’t know why…).

the white tigers are really cool, though. they are big and look so strong. i wish we had more time to watch and take pictures of them. the place was just too crowded and suffocating that we had to leave to breath.


we only explored one half of the zoo. by then, aina was too exhausted to enjoy the animals. so we decided to go home. aina’s grandparents stayed at the zoo to enjoy the place longer. it took us about 45 minutes to get a cab. aina had her full nap during the cab wait… she slept and woke up even before we got a cab. that’s how full the zoo were.

i think we will take aina there again. although next time, we’ll make sure that it’s not during a public holiday. besides, we haven’t seen giraffes!

anyways, there are more pictures in the Singapore Zoo photo album.