~ come sit with mama… ~

13 July 2008

watching playhouse disney channel

aina is now almost 13 months old. she has passed her 1 year milestone, which means she’s now officially a toddler. i’m so proud of her. and very happy that she’s around (although there are times when she frustrates me beyond anything). she has grown so much… she’s now taller than koda! and she can do so many things…

she’s learning to run, as she has mastered walking (on flat surface) for a while. she now can go up and down the stairs, although still in crawling position. she’s just not tall enough to do it standing up. she has started to draw using pencils. she eats with her hands and have been eating grown up food for months. she’s currently learning to use utensils. she sleeps by herself in her room. she waves to everyone she met, including strangers that we pass on the street. she has mastered drinking from straws. she loves watching Elmo on TV. she dances upon hearing any music. she can point out her head, ears, nose, mouth, hair, hands, feet and belly button when asked in Indonesian (she hasn’t learned those in English, yet). she loves to “read” books. she likes to wear head and hair accessories. she loves koda… and always greeted the dog with waves and kisses every morning.

oh, i’m babbling. but i have much more to babble about her… it’s like, everything in my life revolves around her… i guess that’s what motherhood is all about.