~ eating video ~

15 November 2007

after the successful try on solids four days ago, we’ve been feeding Aina her rice cereal everyday in the afternoon, adding the portions a little bit each day. and she seems to like it more and more.

she has learned that if she open her mouth big, she’ll get more of the spoon in, thus more cereal. she’s also swallowing it rather quickly. we bought a new spoon, which is smaller and easier to use. we also started using the rubber bib from Noushka and it saves so much time, since it’s so easy to clean.

so far, it only takes her 10 minutes to finish her meal. good girl…

~ comment (3) ~

wah hebat dah bisa cepat mam cereal, vanya sendiri baru sekarang nih sukanya :)

Vanya | 16 November 2007 - 09:47 | reply

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..sooooo adorable!! pinter sekali makannya!!! gemes deh liat ketawanya~~~~

Jessi | 16 November 2007 - 12:57 | reply

so cuteeeeee !!

i luv it when u say

huggy huggy aina cempaka for me =D

julia | 25 November 2007 - 08:29 | reply