~ first solid food ~

11 November 2007
preparation for first solid

six days ago, we tried to feed solids to aina. she wore a cute bib — a gift from my brother and his wife — and sat on ari’s lap on the couch. i fixed her a rice cereal mixed with milk. the first spoon-tip went in and immediately out again dripping on the side of her mouth. the second spoon-tip actually went in and swallowed. the third spoon-tip never made it to her mouth as she started to cry and demand the breast… i guess it was an okay start for solid.

today, we had another, more successful try. we forgot to dress her up in a bib, but that’s okay, because she wasn’t as messy as the first try.

solid feeding

this time, she sat on ari’s lap in the dining table. instead of using spoon, i tried to feed her with my finger… just to see if she actually likes the taste of the rice cereal with milk. i think she does. there are about 5-6 fingertips of food went in and never went out… so, that’s an improvement. yay!

i think we’re going to try it again either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

~ comment (3) ~

Ooooo weekend depan mau dong kita kenalan sama Aina :)

yasmina | 12 November 2007 - 01:51 | reply

mari marii… jadi makan laksa kah?

thalia | 13 November 2007 - 09:41 | reply

Wow, solids already! What a big girl… how time flies.

Meegs | 14 November 2007 - 12:05 | reply