~ about me - record ~

15 February 2007
this is the about me blurbs on this date. i put it here as a record, because i’m changing the format.

hello, my name is Thalia, the girl who updates these pages.

i was born and grew up in Indonesia. i went to high school and college in Pennsylvania. i found a job in New York City and later Melbourne, Australia. and now i reside in Singapore as an interactive/graphic designer with my loving husband, Ari, a puppy named Koda, and three stuffed pandas.

i’m a comic addict. my brother and i have been consuming comics since we were little. the difference between me and him is that he took the comic path professionally and became a comic artist, while i remain a comic reader. i draw things once in a while, though, for fun and for hire. and i still collect comics.

i’ve also been into crochet and making small plush toys. my mom taught me how to crochet when i was 10-ish. all i did was a small red blanket for my barbie doll. i didn’t like how it turned out and stopped crocheting until about 3 years ago. i’m getting pretty good at it now.

i’m also venturing into more domestic activities such as cooking and sewing. so, this journal is quite cluttered with those types of posts. you can also find posts about my dog, Koda, which is another current obsession of mine.

the latest thing happens to me is that i’m currently pregnant with our first child. of course, i’m trying to record this new journey in this journal. so, again, you’ll find random pregnancy stories scattered here and there.

other places where you can find me: deviantart, flickr, last.fm, del.icio.us, friendster, 43things and 43places.