~ 27-week photo ~

23 March 2007
27 week photo

today is the once-every-four-week appointment. even though she’s leaving today, noushka tagged along to see the little girl squirming around inside my belly.

she has definitely gotten bigger… her weight is almost double from four weeks ago: she’s a little bit over 1kg. we think she was sleeping when we started the ultrasound scan, because she was quite still. but then, she started to get annoyed by the ultrasound probe pushing and poking on her, so she kicked the probe and inched away. it was a dead-on kick, too! good aim, girl!

even though the picture above isn’t very clear, we could see her face quite clearly on the screen. her mouth was moving the whole time, it looked like she was talking. she’s probably drinking the amniotic fluid, since her bladder looked soooo full. speaking of the fluid, from this scanning session, it looks like there are less fluid around her. i guess it appears that way because she’s grown, filling up the amniotic sac. it was pretty obvious that she doesn’t have as much space to move around compared to few weeks earlier.

currently, she’s sitting upright in the belly. so hopefully, she’ll turn around and position herself upside down before her delivery time.

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hello calon menantu!

Rani | 24 March 2007 - 12:46 | reply

Beautiful :D

empress | 25 March 2007 - 01:12 | reply