~ 23-week photo ~

24 February 2007

yesterday, we had another visit to check up on the little girl in the belly. and she’s grown! this is a picture of her profile.

23 week photo

i’m excited to get another photo of her from the doctor, because our last photo of the little girl is on her 16th week, and even that didn’t show much. this picture is a little dark, but the most obvious part is her large forehead… well, most babies have large foreheads anyway. but ari and i are pretty sure our children will have large foreheads, because both of our foreheads are, well, larger than normal :P

by the way, doesn’t it look as if she’s sucking her thumb in the picture?

the doctor says that she’s growing well… her torso is getting longer, and she’s currently weigh a little more than 500 grams (woohoo, over a half kilo!). as usual, she moved a whole lot… it was tough to take a good picture of her, and that pose on the top only last for a second.

tomorrow, i’ll be having another bitter tea. this time, it is the same exact one as those i had on my 5th month. we have bought the ingredients yesterday, and i expect the taste to be the same as a month ago, thus the same face expression. wish me luck.

by the way, today is my brother’s birthday…. happy birthday, bro!