~ broken tooth ~

17 March 2007

i hate when that happened. broken tooth, that is. this afternoon, i was eating instant noodle when i bit onto something hard. i thought my tongue bar came off and one of the balls got bitten… but after feeling it, the bar was still intact on my tongue. then, i realized that i was biting a part of my tooth.

my OB has told me that pregnant women usually have problems with their teeth and gum, but i didn’t know it will be a broken tooth.

so, yeah, one of my tooth broke when i was eating instant noodle. can you imagine? my teeth are softer than noodle! and this is not the first time it happened.

back in high school, i broke two teeth eating soft pretzel. it was a pretty bad break, too: i basically lost half of the crown of each tooth. my friend, who was also eating the soft pretzel with me, looked at her pretzel and said, “but this is soft pretzel, right?”


i guess my teeth like to be broken with soft things. all three teeth that were broken were not on their top condition. all of them have had pretty deep cavities and are filled. so, that partly explains the break.

the two teeth that were broken back in 1993 have been root-canal-ed and crowned a long time ago (and the crown was broken once, but that’s another story). i don’t know what’s going to happen to this one. its sharp edges currently slicing up my tongue, making it uncomfortable to eat, drink or even talk. there is also sharp pain whenever there is temperature changes, like drinking something cold or inhaling through the mouth… but i think that’s normal for a broken tooth.

i have to make an appointment with a dentist for Monday.

~ comment (2) ~

halah Thal, kok sama sih punya gigi buatan. gw jg ni, terakhir malah baru April kemaren.

yanti | 28 March 2007 - 01:48 | reply

haha, iya nih, gue kayaknya mesti nambah satu lagi setelah hamilnya kelar. emang payah nih gigi kita. ga suka tinggal di mulut kita nih :(

thalia | 5 April 2007 - 04:24 | reply