~ teeth problem ~

18 April 2002

i woke up this morning with pieces of tooth in my mouth. i spent about 2 minutes sitting on my bed and looking for the broken tooth. one of my back tooth was chipped about 3 days ago… but this one was not just chipped. there were one big piece and one small piece. it turned out that one of my back teeth, the crowned one, was broken.

my teeth breaks easily. 9 years, two of my back teeth split into half when i was eating soft pretzels. i had to get them crowned. today, the same tooth broke again.

so, if you know any good dentists around the Manhattan or Queens area, lemme know…. before i lose all my teeth.

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I’m concerned, Thal. Are you taking your vitamins?

michael | 25 April 2002 - 01:17 | reply