~ storm hit ~

19 April 2002

sometime around 5:30 this afternoon, the sky turned black… it looked like 9:00 at night. we could hear the wind gushing. i could see things like plastic bags and papers flying outside our window… i was on the 7th floor! then the rain started, the sky turned dark green and there were countless of lightning. i got scared. it reminded me to the day when a volcano near where i lived errupted and we had 2 days of night.

but then, in less than an hour, the day turned sunny again. girls with tank tops are walking around Soho again. everything looked normal. what a strange weather! what’s going on?

update: as i watched the news tonight, it turned out that it was a pretty big storm. one person was killed in New Jersey from a collapsing wall. a couple of people were injured as trees or electric poles smashed into their cars.

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begitulah hidup :)

hiddenh8 | 20 April 2002 - 01:54 | reply

uhm, k10k.net.

Jake | 21 April 2002 - 12:33 | reply