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05 March 2007
framed artworks

last week, i spent some time in IKEA buying frames for our printed artworks. we have a lot of empty walls and i think it’s time to fill, at least, some of them.

i printed selected artworks and start putting them into the matching frames. we ended up with ten framed works. seven of them are the Beautiful Ghosts series, so, they have to be hang together.

late yesterday afternoon, after working all weekend, ari finally had some free time. so we put up some of those frames on the wall before the sun goes down.

after a lot of drilling and hammering, we got 3 of 10 up (we tough walls to work on, with bricks and concrete)….

girl on bike artworks

we put the scooter girl illustrations together on our office wall. do you notice that we like to draw girls on a bike? we didn’t plan to make it a series, but so far we have at least four finished artworks with a girl on various bike.

the Vespa Girl ala Mucha and the Chocolate Scooter Girl on the right has been there for a while. the Battle Scooter Babe (the one of the left) needs to be printed in a larger size, maybe A3 paper. we don’t have the printer for that size, though. the Zundapp Blitz illustration (the middle one) is my favorite. ari did the illustration and after about 10 different versions, we finally satisfied with it.

painting by ari's mom

we also hang ari’s mom’s watercolor painting that we framed months ago. yeah, ari’s mom paints really well. we still have about 6-8 Chinese and watercolor painting from her that need to be framed.

maybe, by the time all those works are up on the wall, we no longer have any space for new works to hang.

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ayu | 5 March 2007 - 08:28 | reply

ini juga bisa dijual…. hehehe :) *mupeng*

cynthia DPS | 9 March 2007 - 07:21 | reply