~ eggs and seeds ~

21 January 2007

when we came back from Jakarta, we found two surprised at home. the good surprise is that one of the seeds that ari’s dad put on the empty pot seems to grow well.


he put two different seeds in there, cherry tree and tamarind. we still don’t know what this one will be, and we sure hope that we can keep it alive.

the second surprise is not so pleasant. our fish bowl has become frog breeding place. we found tons of frog egg strands crisscrossing the bowl.


see those black dots covered with slime? that’s the frog eggs. we don’t know what kind of frog is these eggs will turn out. and i’m generally not a fan of frogs anyway. so we had to fish them out of the bowl… it was not easy, since the strands breaks quite easily. i think we left a few eggs in there. oh well. at least we won’t have hundreds of baby frogs in our yard… (although i think the success rate of the frog eggs is quite small… isn’t it?).

~ comment (6) ~

hmm… kodok goreng mentega…

evelyn | 22 January 2007 - 07:05 | reply

LOL @ Evelyn’s “kodok goreng mentega”… I like mine perhaps “goreng kecap mentega”… The frog spawns looks like that stuff we put on ice desserts like es teler or es cincau, yang setipe pacar cina gitu, Thal, you know what I mean? Hehe…

yasmina | 22 January 2007 - 08:00 | reply

itu namanya selasih a.k.a “telor kodok”, for obvious reason. kita punya nih di rumah, kalo lagi pengen bikin dessert :) gue sih suka selasih, tapi kalo telur kodok beneran… eww… (actually, i think the tadpoles are cute, but i just don’t like the adult frog).

thalia | 22 January 2007 - 08:43 | reply

ya elah, baca komen elo jadi pengen makan kodok goreng mentega… dimana ya di singapur?

*ngebayangin epel ngomong gitu gaya homer simpson*

thalia | 22 January 2007 - 08:39 | reply

Dulu pernah nyari juga di singapore ga ketemu, adanya bubur kodok huhuhuhu

Evelyn | 23 January 2007 - 03:31 | reply

*singing* frog spawn, frog spawn, lovely lovely frog spawn… on ice… :)

yasmina | 23 January 2007 - 01:12 | reply