~ BGAW: La Llorona ~

18 January 2007

as i promised, this is the last Beautiful Ghosts Around the World for this month. or maybe for a while, until i get inspirations on what ghost to draw. here is La Llorona, one of the most requested ghosts i got:


La Llorona, who is also known as The Weeping Woman, is a sad ghost from Mexican folklore. just like many folklores, the stories varies from places to places. the one consistent theme is that La Llorona is an attractive lady, who killed her children either by drowning them in a river, or stabbing them and throw their bodies in the river.

there are many different reasons why she killed her children. some stories says that her husband infidelity drove her mad to the point that she murder her own children. some says that she was a widow who fell in love with a rich man and about to get married. however the rich man didn’t want to have children, so she’d been hiding the fact that she had 3 children… and ended up killing them all the day before the wedding.

there are many other stories, but all of them ends with her regretting her action and cursed to roam the around the river, crying, searching and calling out for her children who will never come back.

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