~ BGAW: Huli-Jing ~

01 August 2006

hello august! i promised to have this monthly, and i broke it a while ago. but here it is, the third installment of Beautiful Ghosts Around the World series: ms. Huli-Jing.


Huli-Jing is not exactly a ghost. she’s more like a spirit in a shape of a fox. in Japan, they’re known as Kitsune. in Korea, they’re called Kumiho. Huli-Jing is their Chinese name.

in the Chinese folklore, foxes are known for their longevity. Huli-Jing’s life-span can reach a thousand years. as the fox ages, she would gain more and more power, such as the ability to see miles away. supposedly, in order for a fox to prolong their life, they will need to “drain force from men”, which also means to have sex with men. and she’s equip to do this because a Huli-Jing has the ability to shape-shift into a beautiful woman to lure men.

some Huli-Jing can marry human and have kids. however, they don’t seem to be able to stay as human forever. they usually get caught, because the human version of a Huli-Jing usually have some fox attributes, like a tail.

the other BGAW are: Kuntilanak, Yuki Onna, Lamia, Glaistig, Manananggal
and La Llorona.

~ comment (14) ~

sepertinya aku jatuh cinta padanya… :D

yoel | 1 August 2006 - 09:53 | reply

yikes! ntar ms Huli-jing bisa dikejar2 Shine pake parang.

thalia | 2 August 2006 - 10:53 | reply

I think I see cleavage :)

Masindi | 2 August 2006 - 12:48 | reply

you know, i was sooo sure that i’ve seen you saying something like that before. i thought it was on the previous BGAW. but i couldn’t find it. perhaps it was just my imagination…

thalia | 2 August 2006 - 10:54 | reply

she looks friendly..

andy | 2 August 2006 - 01:28 | reply

yep, she’s probably the least harmful one compare to her fellow BGAW :)

thalia | 2 August 2006 - 10:55 | reply

Maksudnya siluman kali ya Thal? Siluman bahasa Inggrisnya apa ya?

Shine | 2 August 2006 - 08:46 | reply

iya, siluman! the closest thing to siluman in english that i can think of is: demon. bener ga ya? but that sounds so evil!

thalia | 2 August 2006 - 10:57 | reply

wow, that’s really good. if all ghosts look like that, then i might as well be one =P.

Denise | 2 August 2006 - 12:23 | reply

hahaha, i think if all ghosts look like that, their human counterparts would look even better :)

thalia | 2 August 2006 - 08:08 | reply

mirip ama mantan pacarku..
sama sama demon :)

godote | 2 August 2006 - 09:12 | reply

wah, kalo gitu, mantan pacarnya cakep dong.

thalia | 3 August 2006 - 03:52 | reply

i wish semua ghost kayak gini… :) kalo dibikin film cartoon nya pasti bagus… bikin dong :)

cynthia | 18 August 2006 - 07:27 | reply

wah, kartun! susah! hehe, itu ntar dulu deh… tapi kalo ada kesempatan sih, pengen juga :)

thalia | 21 August 2006 - 11:53 | reply