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12 November 2006

according to 10 Cars That Should be Remade Today, Honda CRX is number 3. yay!

my first car (and ari’s first car) is a red 1989 CRX. ari had that for 2 years — it was a second-hand buy — and he later sold it to me for $1000, where i had it for around 2-3 years. i love that little red thing!

at that time, i had 3 requirements and 1 optional preference for cars:

  1. stick shift. even though my campus is probably the most hilly campus i’ve ever seen, i wanted to keep my ability to drive stick shift. having a manual-transmission-ed car taught me how to parallel park on a road with 50 degrees slope.
  2. small/compact car, because Pennsylvania, especially my school, has tons of places where you have to parallel park. having small car makes it so much easier.
  3. large trunk space — as an art student, i had to carry large canvases around the campus. trunk space is important to fit all those over-sized canvases, drawings and sculptures. i didn’t think i would find a compact car with large trunk space until i saw the CRX.
  4. this is not exactly a requirement. it’s more like “if i could have it, i’d be very happy”. i wanted a red car.

amazingly, i got it from my red CRX. it came all beat up, but i fixed it little by little. i’ve driven all the way to Canada and back by myself in that little car. i drive back and forth to New York twice a month… it finally died on me when i was living in NYC: this is the day it died.

i miss that little red car :( so, yeah, i wish it was remade…

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CRX looks like a little iron zipping through town.

I drove my cousin’s CRX one time and it was fast! He drove it to Memphis from New Orleans escaping from a huge Hurricane in late 1990s. He had two female passengers sitting in the back.

I thought it does not have trunk. Isn’t it a hatchback where you can grab anything in the back while driving. Quite roomy.

Masindi | 13 November 2006 - 11:33 | reply

CRX doesn’t have backseat. it has somekind of uncomfortable platform to sit on behind the front seats. i put some pillows as an attempt to make it more comfortable.

the back panel of the platform, which separate the passenger compartment and the trunk compartment can be pulled all the way down, extending the trunk room all the way right behind the front seats. the space is amazingly huge, especially in comparison to the size of the car…

so CRX actually has a trunk… it barely has room for backseat passenger, though. maybe your cousin always has the back panel down, combining the trunk space with the passenger space.

thalia | 13 November 2006 - 12:34 | reply

How many people can fit in a CRX?

2 in front
69 in the back

Masindi | 16 November 2006 - 01:36 | reply

wah ada bmw 2002, gw naksir berat tuh, gw pernah janji someday dan kalo bisa gw mau bangun lagi mobil itu, gw masi suka liat di jakarta yg warna orange sama putih, dulu temen kantor gw bangun dari 2 mobil, modal 20 jt, dia jual laku 50 jt :P

yoel | 18 November 2006 - 08:18 | reply