~ new haircut + dress ~

03 May 2006

this past weekend, my brother and his fiancee, Ramanda and Fenny, stopped by our place in Singapore on their way back to Jakarta from Melbourne. they stayed over the long weekend. and the whole weekend was full with good conversation and trips to shopping malls.

today, we bought plane tickets to go to Jakarta to attend Alfa and Aldo’s wedding in Bandung (yay!). we also went out running some errands that needs to be done before our trip next week. ari did some bank stuff, while i went shopping…

i bought a skirt that i had been eyeing since i took Fenny shopping this past weekend.


and i found this dress, which will definitely be my favorite dress. i love the color and it’s very comfortable to wear.


then, i also got a haircut. my bangs needed a trim badly.


that bleached streak on the left side has been there since i went back to Jakarta a few weeks ago. i wanted to put some streaks into my hair, but i couldn’t buy hair bleach in Singapore. it’s illegal. or something. basically, no one sells it. the only way you can get your hair bleached is by having your hairdresser do it.

i once asked one of my hairdressers the reason why bleach is not sold freely in Singapore, and she said that there was an incident a long time ago, where a teenager killed herself by drinking hair bleach… whoa. i’m not sure if the story is true or not, but you can’t obtain hair bleach unless you own a hair salon…

anyways, i only wanted to have one or two streaks on my hair, and didn’t feel like paying a lot of money to get it done. i’ve been bleaching my hair in a comfort of my bathroom since college. the last time i did it was with Ditha, my cousin. so, when i went to Jakarta, i asked Ditha to do the bleaching for me. the plan was, once i get to Singapore, i will ask Ari to help me putting some color on it. unfortunately, i haven’t had time to do it… maybe in the next few days, before we leave for Jakarta.

~ comment (7) ~

I absolutely LOVE that skirt!!

Meg | 3 May 2006 - 10:39 | reply

me too! me too! :)

thalia | 5 May 2006 - 01:49 | reply

Hi Thal!
Kayaknya kita bakal ketemu di nikahan Alfa & Aldo. Jadi ini utk pengganti wkt ke Sing nggak ketemu loe, hehe. C u then! Btw, nice pink skirt :)

ayu | 4 May 2006 - 03:08 | reply

oh? elo dateng juga ya? yay! akhirnya ketemuan juga… hehe.

thalia | 5 May 2006 - 01:50 | reply

wuah.. rok pink-nya lutu..tapi the yellow dress is even cuter! Nyaman banget keliatannya yak..

Horee.. Thalia and Ari are coming to town *menandak-nandak kegirangan*

chibi | 5 May 2006 - 02:59 | reply

hehe, kayaknya yellow dressnya mo gue pake ke kawinan elo… moga2 ga kedinginan. kalo kedinginan, pake kaos kaki deh, hihihi.

thalia | 5 May 2006 - 11:33 | reply

cool :D jangan lupa bawa syal..siapa tau dingin menyerang leher hehehe…

chibi | 5 May 2006 - 03:43 | reply