~ bed! ~

11 March 2006

we finally bought a bed frame! it’s a low platform bed, made out of teak wood, and it’s going to be the most expensive piece of furniture we have in the whole house.

we fell in love with the bed platform the moment we saw it. it has all the things that we wanted from a bed frame. it’s low, it has no headboard, and it’s simple. but when we saw the price (which was SGD 1600), we immediately gave the usual “thanks, we’ll think about it”. it took us two weeks of thinking until we finally decided to get the bed platform.

for the pictures, it’ll have to wait until Wednesday, which is when the bed will be delivered. the shop doesn’t have a website or online catalog for me to snatch the picture from. and i didn’t take the picture from the shop either. i don’t think i’m allowed to take pictures of their furnitures anyway… they mentioned that they don’t like people copying their design. well… who does?

anyways! i can’t wait till wednesday! we finally have a bed!