~ koda’s skin problem ~

07 March 2006

koda goes to her doctor more often than i go to my doctor. today, she has another vet visit. i don’t know if you can see it from the picture on the previous entry, but both of koda’s back knees practically has no fur. she chew them all off… she had this chewing problem when she was smaller, and we took care of it by giving her a psychological drug. this time, though, the skin in the area is inflamed. basically, from lower thigh of the back legs all the way to her shins are almost bald and has red spots. so, it didn’t look like a psychological problem.

about a month ago, we took her to the vet because there are red dots all over her tummy… they turned out to be “puppy pimples”. supposedly, the pimples went out of control, causing bacterial rash starting from the tummy all the way down to her back legs.

the vet, who knows koda very very well, due to our frequent visit, gave us so much stuff to give koda… we have to bathe her one every three days with a special shampoo. koda also get two types of pills to take twice a day and one cream to apply on the affected area.

so, today, koda took another shower, had to endure the annoyance of being held still during the balming session, and had two teaspoon of honey — this is to get her to swallow the pills.