~ hotpot ~

31 January 2006
hot pot ingredient

i almost missed a good yummy hotpot dinner tonight!

Melvyn and Tracy invited us to their house on the third day of Chinese New Year. i thought it would be a gathering of the Ogilvy (and ex-Ogilvy) people. i’ve been to a few gatherings, and the conversations usually revolve around the office stories and gossips, which i have no clue about. so, this time i opted to stay at home.

about half an hour after ari left for Melvyn’s house, he called and said that it was just an invitation for us… oops. and they’re going to cook some hotpot dinner. oops, again. so, after feeding Koda and took her to the bathroom, i immediately left for the East Coast, where Melvyn and Tracy live. thank god, they waited for me…