~ leaking wall ~

11 January 2006

i’m having a headache… yesterday morning, i noticed that there was a pool of water near our wardrobe cabinet in our bedroom. when i traced the source of water, i found out that the whole east wall of the bedroom was covered with water, dripping down to the floor. i immediately moved our wardrobe cabinet off the wall.

today, we called the complex maintenance crew to check on any leaks from the drainage pipe. as i said in the earlier entries, we’ve been having rain for two days straight (non-stop) and rain here and there on the days prior to that. basically, it’s been raining everyday since we got back from Japan.

the maintenance guy came in and was amused by the amount of water on the wall. and the pool on the floor is getting larger and larger. he checked if there was a pipe broken or hole on the roof… he said that there was a part of the roof that hasn’t been sealed. he sealed it and told us that, if needed, he will be back to paint our wall three days from now, once the wall has dried.

we also asked our neighbor, if their side of the wall was leaking water. the house next to our house is rented by a restaurant nearby. the owner checked the house and told us that there was nothing leaking. the room on their side was dry. but then, we asked one of the workers of the restaurant, and he told us that the room right next to our bedroom is used for food refrigeration and the air conditioner has been running 24 hour non-stop.

hmm, that might also be the cause of the leaking. with the non-stop rain in these past few days, the weather has been unusually cold and the humidity is extremely high… we got mold on everything: shoes, clothes, everything. our laundry hasn’t dried for the past three days. so, it is also possible that the condensation from the AC leaks into our room…

in any case, the wall is slowly drying up. the paint started to peel on certain parts of the wall, but if the maintenance guy is going to paint it, i think it should be okay. i’ve just been having a nightmare that the three of us (including Koda) catch bronchitis from all these humidity and the ever-growing mold.

anyways, we finished the story for the 8th and 9th day along with the photo album that accompanies each of the days (8th and 9th day). yay! two more days to go!! hurrah!

~ comment (2) ~

mungkin ada daun2 yg menyumbat saluran di atap, karena hujan yg terus menerus. sekarang uda beres?

Mimi | 12 January 2006 - 11:20 | reply

pagi ini, tinggal yang sebelah kiri doang yang ada airnya. masih lembab banget sih, cuman udah jauh lebih mendingan dari kemaren. moga2 besok udah kering :)

thalia | 12 January 2006 - 12:52 | reply